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I perform a 360-degree assessment of your employee hiring, engagement, disciplinary and termination functions to ensure that processes are detailed, up to date and compliant.


I can also assist you in locating and retaining other cost-effective and high-quality professional assistance and guide you in working with those professionals.

Your calls and needs will be addressed immediately and personally. I can bring in ‘support’ if requested, such as when a presence is advisable or to further control costs.

Business Meeting
Meeting the Staff

My employment hours can be flexible.


I will answer the telephone when you call or return your call within 2-3 hours.  I will meet with you at your business, including after normal working hours to avoid interruptions and maintain privacy.


The point is: I'm here for you when you need me.

The Steps

1.  I provide you with a questionnaire for completion by you, managers, other employees.

[This includes the secret recipe for employee job satisfaction and productivity (inspired by a premier multinational corporation).

2. We review your questionnaire responses together and make a step-by-step plan to tackle and address priorities sequentially within your timeframe and priorities.

3. I conduct a Human Resources audit within our jointly determined parameters and within your budget.

3. We address emergencies and priorities to solve current issues and communicate with employees to take any actions that are preventive in nature.

4. Together we update or devise an Employee Handbook for immediate implementation and follow up plan.

5. Whatever else you need and look forward to a more pleasant and productive work place! 


In the worst case scenario of litigation, I will refer the matter quickly to a well-qualified litigation attorney and oversee the process and your billing. Further, I will assure that the matter is handled as collaboratively as possible so that damages for your company are minimized and your expenses and litigation reduced. See my article on collaborative law and litigation.


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