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Employee Handbooks


As a first step, I will consult with you on your business’s Employee Handbook - a critical document to prepare (or update on at least a twice-yearly basis).


According to credible sources, 98% of businesses either do not have an Employee Handbook effectively in place or have one that is outdated and may even contain illegal provisions.  Presentation to the employees is also critical to implementation.   


The ever evolving law from the legislature and courts can be a moving target. Sexual orientation discrimination is a new frontier issue that is critical for the employer to track. You need a lawyer who knows the law thoroughly. See my articles in Hennepin Lawyer summarizing major developments over time.




Services Provided


No unpredictable costs, no haggling over attorney bills, no hesitation to call me with a question or problem due to concern for a charge and easy to budget.


Human Resources Audit 

Review systems and forms currently in place to determine compliance and upgrades necessary to conform with the law and bolster efficiencies.

Follow-up to explain and answer questions and assure implementation.


Employee Handbook

Consultation, customized drafting, presentation to employer with follow up for employees for questions and answers and 30 day follow-up to address issues.


Project Basis

Noncompete agreements, hiring, coaching and presence for interviewing and hiring meetings, terminations and other tasks at a flat rate determined in advance.


... and more!












Interviewing, Hiring, Engagement,

Evaluation, Discipline, and Termination


Proper interviewing, training, evaluation and disciplinary procedures can be your best tools to achieve maximized productivity from your employees.


At the same time, improper or ineffective procedures in any of these areas can spell huge liability.


Reliable and consistent documentation is critical in these matters so that you can prove that you followed the law and best practice procedures. 


Thousands of State and Federal laws govern employment relationships, particularly as a company grows in size. These were designed almost entirely 

to serve and protect employees.


But who is watching out for you?


The pitfalls of a ‘patchwork’ approach are government fines, dissatisfied and angry employees, and worst of all, lawsuits (the cost of which can range from $10,000 to more than $200,000 for attorney fees alone). 



Areas of Expertise:


  • Age Discrimination

  • Americans with Disabilities Act- including Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency

  • Appeals

  • Break Times

  • Cannabis

  • COBRA Coverage

  • Claims and Remedies/Damages

  • Data Privacy and Security

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • Discipline and Discharge/ Termination

  • Discrimination Claims   

  • Drug/Alcohol Testing - Including Marijuana

  • FLSA Exemptions (Fair Labor Standards Act)

  • Hiring/I9 Compliance

  • Independent Contractors

  • Investigations

  • Leaves of Absence- FMLA/ADA and Minnesota Laws/Military

  • Non-Competition, Confidentiality and Trade Secret Law

  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act)

  • Pay Equity Laws

  • Privacy Law/Employee Monitoring and Workplace Privacy for Websites

  • Problem Employees

  • Record Retention and Document Destruction

  • Reduction in Force

  • Releases of Statutory Employment Claims

  • Religion in the Workplace

  • Retaliation Claims

  • Screening Potential Employees Using Online Data

  • Separation Payments and IRS Code 409A

  • Sexual Harassment Law

  • Social Media Policy

  • Taxation and Reporting of Settlements and Verdicts

  • Termination

  • Time-clocking issues

  • TIPS

  • Unemployment Compensation Benefits- Eligibility and Appeals

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Wage and Hour Laws Compliance

  • Warn Calculations

  • Whistleblower

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