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I am sympathetic to the demands upon employers.


As a long-term owner and manager of a law firm for nineteen years with ten employees, I understand the complexity, challenges and stress employers face on a daily basis.

I have felt your pain, and it is my passion to help relieve owners and managers of the risks, shortfalls, and missteps that occur when a business owner or manager is overwhelmed by too much to know and too much to do, particularly if he or she is trying to simultaneously manage a professional practice.

Cell Phones


These companies often rely on entry-level consultants who are not trained in best practices but are instead focused on selling you a product.


Law firms with a focus on employment issues charge extraordinarily high hourly rates for their advice and drafting at every phase, sometimes at a standard ½ hour minimum for even a brief telephone call.


In addition, attorneys can be difficult to reach at critical junctures, when you need help here and now.

busy office

You need someone on your side and not a generic, non-customized approach utilized by large payroll human resource providers. You also need the flexibility which is made possible by working with an individual consultant, rather than a company and its inherent bureaucracy.


Human resource consulting companies, especially larger entities, are self-admittedly “glacially slow” in their responses to unique problems and opportunities. Further, the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach they typically utilize is often over-priced and not comprehensive or tailored to individual needs.

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