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*Certified by Human Resources Certification Institute

Employer Solutions MN

Providing consultation and collaborative solutions for employee issues.

First-class employer protection from affordable in-house counsel.

Too busy to be your own legal advocate? With me on your team, you won't have to sweat the small - or big - employment law fiascos.

What you don’t know can hurt you. Rest assured - protection is available.

There are thousands of state and federal laws protecting employees, but few protecting your business.

My expertise and availability ensures quality counsel on-demand.

Customized Employee Handbooks. Exceptional legal protection.

Expert Human Resource oversight.

My extensive experience in law and HR poises me to provide comprehensive and insightful counsel.

Main Copy

What You Have at Risk

Human resource issues present challenging obstacles to

productivity and profitability.

You simply don’t have time to become well versed on the massive and ever-changing law and best employment practices.


Loss of profit, employee morale, legal liability and ultimately the demise of a business can result from a well-intentioned attempt to take on too many functions.


There is not only a tight job market, but also a tumultuous and volatile workforce;  you need to work in tandem with a qualified human resources professional.

"Charles Goldstein drafted my office's first Employee Handbook. He carefully and thoroughly informed me about the applicable provisions, explored our office dynamics, present and potential employee issues and my mission and vision statements. I am so appreciative that Charlie encouraged me to finally implement an Employee Handbook- a task I had procrastinated way too long! I recommend him wholeheartedly."


                 - Michael Mischke, CPA, Mischke and Associates

Advantages of Part-Time In-House Counsel

Employee Status

I act as an employee, ensuring availability and consistency for your business.


Knowledge and Wisdom 

I gain a broader and deeper knowledge of the company’s circumstances and goals, as well as the personalities of the owners, managers and frontline employees.



My hours are flexible to meet your changing needs.

Alternative Resolutions

I prioritize preventive measures and alternative dispute resolution to keep my cost reasonable and maintain a positive company atmosphere.


Outside Counsel

I am qualified to manage specialized outside counsel as necessary.


In-house counsel has an employee's level of duty to your company.


In-house counsel gathers familiarity with your business and industry over time.


My experiences have prepared me to provide comprehensive legal counsel in case of unforeseen developments in your business’ journey.

Choose Competence

This position prevents the typical phenomenon of outside counsel delegating substantial work to inexperienced associate attorneys, law clerks or paralegals.

Special Weight

Correspondence from your in-house counsel may carry special weight - it indicates you have the internal resources to deal with legal issues and are not burdened by privacy concerns or the cost of an outside law firm.


Please include in your message:​

- The nature of the business

- Number of employees

- Your current concerns

- And your primary interest in my services.



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